Lost Words

I want to tell you something so bad but I can’t find the words, yet Im supposed to have a way with words. It’s funny how you make me feel but it seems so surreal.

I want to tell you something so bad but yet the words don’t want to come to mind.

I want to tell you soo much but when I’m with you, I get lost in my thoughts and say um and ah.

It’s so funny how I just want to tell you so much………..

Leave Me Alone

If all you wanted was sex
you shoulda said that.
So now just leave me alone!

If what you said was meant
to get me in the bed
it shoulda never been said.
So now just leave me alone!

Don’t look into my eyes
And expect me to crumble
because you will only fumble.
I now know what I want and that’s
For you to leave me alone!

Leave me alone, leave me alone
Please just leave me alone!


It’s funny how someone can make you feel so good, but at the same time make you feel so bad. They make you want them in the worst way and, at the same time, make you hate them and not want them. They fulfill all of your fantasies just to leave you without any. When you try to think of another fantasy you imagine what it would be like with that person. When you are with someone else you think constantly about that other person. When the other person comes back into the picture, you go all crazy and you are quick to jump into the bed with them. After it’s all said and done you think, Why, why couldn’t he/she just leave me the hell alone?