Our eyes connect, my heart beats faster than it was. The blood that slowly flowed is now rushing through my veins. My hands are clammy, my legs are no longer able to hold me up.

I’m nervously trembling. My mouth is too dry to even form words that seem to be far from my mind. My only thought is simply you.

You kiss me. You literally take me breath away. My heart is racing and beating all over my body. She’s throbbing, wanting you and only you.

With one swift motion you pick me up and carry me to the bed. We fall together.

You look me in my eyes and tell me to relax. How can I?

You kiss me one more time.

You kiss me on my neck, my breasts, my stomach. You kiss her all over. Then you begin to make with her.

My body begins to tremble. I’ve been kissed but not like this. You have me locked down in a way in which I can’t move or push you away. But why would I want to?

I softly call your name and you answer without pulling away. My trembles are now shakes and I feel the 1st waterfall.

You seem to have gotten deeper than you were before and now I am relaxed.

As I close my eyes and take a deep breath my body begins to tremble again. The trembles turn into jerking….there goes the 2nd waterfall.

Oh goodness, there’s a 3rd and a 4th.

You enter.

You take long slow deep strokes and pause and just lay in her. You begin your strokes again. I can’t take it but I can.

You stroke me and you stop just to start back all over again.

You position me so that I am on my side with one leg bent and the other straight. You enter again.

Your strokes are long and slow, quick and fast. You stop just to begin all over again.

I can feel myself starting to cum as you ask does it feel good?

I’m currently at a loss for words.

I want to tap out but I don’t.

Our eyes connect once again, my heart is racing as the blood is rushing through my body as it trembles.

As much as I can’t take it, I want more.

I’m feeling something that I’ve never felt before. And what is it that I’m feeling?


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