His To Do List

I’ve come up with a to do list especially for you. It doesn’t matter how long any of this takes. But I will say that every time I see you, I’m expecting #1, #2 or both. I know the others are going to take time and I don’t mind because it only heightens my anticipation for you.

1. Hug me- take me into your arms, take a deep breath and inhale, take all of me in.

2. Kiss me- make it a kiss that I’ll always remember.

3. Make my body crave for only your touch.

4. Spread my legs apart-
A. Taste me, enjoy me – allow me to become your favorite fruit.
B. Enter me- allow our souls to become one.

5. Kiss me again.

6. Bite me.

7. Caress me.

8. Lick me.

9. Spank me.

10. Make my body yearn for yours.

Simple. Right?!