A Part of Me

Right now I’m in disbelief. I can’t believe he knew about something that was important to me; yet, he forgot about it that quick.

After it was all said and done, he forgot about a part of me just that quick. He knew but still, he forgot about a part me.

It kinda hurts a little bit. I know that it wasn’t his intention but still, it hurt. I know that it shouldn’t hurt but it does. Although we are only friends it hurt that he forgot about a part of me.

I have every right to be upset because he forgot. I am but I’m not. Well at least not anymore. He apologized and I forgave him but I still let him know that my feelings were hurt. My feelings were hurt because within minutes he forgot about a part of me.

Under My Skin

It’s crazy how he gets under my skin; yet, I don’t mind.

I mean he makes smile, laugh and even blush at times. He doesn’t consume my mind but he’s always on it. Hence the reason I smile just because. He gives me great conversation with a side of banter.

He’s gotten under my skin so much that he has become a part of my day. He’s one of the first people I text good morning to, see how his day is going. He gets the I can’t stand you and you’re an asshole text quite often but it’s ok because it’s a part of our back and forth banter.

It’s crazy how he’s gotten under my skin but you know what? It’s all good because I don’t mind.

As he reads this I know he’s laughing because he knows this is about him.😜😂