It’s funny how there is chemistry and then there isn’t any chemistry between two people. Ever wonder why that is? The way I see it, two people either share a common interest in one thing or a common interest in a variety of things. Then you have people who have nothing in common.

What makes people fall for each other? Is it that common interest or is it something else? Who really knows the answer to that? Ever met someone and knew that person is who you wanted to be with? Would you say that you wanted to be with that person because of the common interest? Could it be that you had the same exact feeling when you met your first love (if that first love is gone)? That feeling being a warm feeling, or do you find yourself thinking about that person day in and day out? The best is when you think about this person during a long day that seems as if it is never going to end. A smile automatically appears on your face, and all of a sudden your day is over. When it comes down to it the feeling is just unexplainable.

Did you ever think that it could be lust? But if you haven’t had sex, how could you say that it is lust? But if you have had sex it could be lust and for others it could really be love. Who knows or does anybody even care? What are you to do in a situation like that? Do you say to the other person, “Hey even though I don’t know you like that, I think that you and I can have something good, but first we must build a solid foundation so that if something goes wrong we can work it out together. And, no matter what, we still stay friends and know that we did give it a try?” Or do you say, “Let’s just have sex with no strings attached?” No matter what, either way you go the outcome may be the one you don’t want to hear or end up regretting.

Why is it so hard to tell another person how you feel about them? Why can’t you just say how you feel at that exact moment when you are asked? Why do you have to take longer than a minute?

How does, and when does, a woman/man know he/she is in love and is being loved? Will he/she ever be true to his/her feelings and admit that he/she is in love and is being loved? When does he/she know that he/she doesn’t want to let “the one” go? But yet why is he/she capable of cheating on “the one?” There are some men/women out there who will be faithful, and then you have others who just have to run up in everything.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you ever be TRUE to your feelings?


Remember back in elementary school when asking someone out was very simple. Not even asking the person but finding out how they felt about you. All you had to do was write a note, asking that person if they liked you and to circle the answer. Now as we get older it seems as if it gets difficult. Why does it get difficult? Because you never know if the person likes you, the oral, or the sex. We all know that people can say the damnedest things at a time when it feels good. But how many people mean what they say and say what they mean? I say what I mean and I mean what I say. But do you?
Are you one of those people who say what they think sounds right at that particular moment? You know those are the ones who lose out in the end! What do I mean by that? They say all the right things at the wrong moment and whomever they’re saying it to doesn’t believe it because they know that they shouldn’t. Would you believe me if I told you that I cared about you when the feeling was oh – so – good?! I wouldn’t! Then after it was all said and done that person was the one who was going to love them right, but they blew it because of the moment they knew that’s what wanted to be heard. That person was going to be the one who was going to give them the world by any means necessary. Crazy, but you never would have thought that, right!
Then you realize that you should have been true to that person. You shoulda said what you meant and meant what you said. It gets real crazy sometimes. Don’t think because the feeling is right that you have to say something good just to get more of what you are getting. Say what’s in your heart, and everything will come right! So if you say it at the right time, it’s more believable then that person stays in your corner. If you say it at the wrong time, then that person walks and you’re left kicking yourself in the ass.
If you say what you really mean to say it’s more believable, if you say what wants to be heard, if the other person is smart then he/she walks.