Today is the day you wake up and see that it’s pouring outside. You think to your self, I can call out cause I have the time but think who’s worth your time? You scroll through your phone and realize that, that person isn’t even there…You get up and get ready for work and head out.

You sit at your desk and you can hear the rain. Your heart begins to race and you get a throbbing sensation between your legs.

You cross them, position yourself in your seat so that the throbbing stops. But as the rain falls the thought of that person in between them, sucking and licking and then placing themselves inside of you won’t go away.

You close your eyes and as the rain falls harder you can feel their movements with the rain.

Your heart begins to race and the throbbing becomes worse. The more you move, the more you feel them, you start breathing heavily and your heart begins to race even faster.

You reach for something that’s not even there. You let out the quietest moan that only you can hear. You twist and you turn and the blood races through your body and then the rain stops.

You lift your head from your desk, open your eyes and you wonder……..

1 thought on “Rain”

  1. Wet as the RainDrops…
    She Grabs your heart as firm as she grips the throttling pulsing Chocolate tool, that only She Can truly Feel and appreciate. The feeling that keeps Her wetter than the RainDrops that she watches fall in her area of the world! I’m here to keep her Wet and to Satisfy that throbbing not only between her long slender legs , but the one in her Heart as Well!


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