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With September being National Suicide Prevention Month, I wanted to share something. We all know that depression is real. We know this because at some point we’ve all experienced it whether we want to admit it or not.

I had a conversation with a friend and we had both come to realize that we had both been depressed. We also came to the realization that we understood why people chose suicide. I always thought why would or how could a person even think to or even want to kill themselves? I thought it was just a selfish decision on that person’s part. But I discovered that when that depression hits and the way it hits, I truly understood but for me it’s not an option.

A person can look happy and all together on the outside but can be going through all hell on the inside. So, besides asking a person how they are or how their day is going, ask them how they are mentally and spiritually. You never know, just by asking that, you could save a life.

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