I got caught in the rain and I couldn’t decide
on whether or not
I should go in or
stay out in the rain.
So then I thought,
Why not stay in the rain and I did.
I took off my glasses, closed my eyes and I tilted my head back.
I could see you kissing her,
I could feel you licking her,
I could feel you sucking on her.
Then you switched it up,
You licked her,
You sucked on her
Then kissed her…
Switching it up again.
You sucked on her,
You kissed her and then began to lick her.
As the rain drops dropped
harder, my heart began to pound and she began
to throb
But I couldn’t stop seeing you conversing with her.
The more the rain fell,
the more she throbbed and the wetter she got.

My Peace

In my dark moment, his touch brings me peace.

During one of my lowest moments, his voice brings me peace.

In the midst of feeling less than, his presence brings me peace.

With the thought of feeling ashamed, it is him who brings me peace.

During this storm, as I don’t feel like myself, you still bring me peace.

**I bring my own peace but he keeps me at peace. He’s done this from the very beginning and still continues to.**